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A walk down the memory lane

When was the last time you used a VCR? or went to a Phone booth to call your relatives? Not in the recent past, isn’t it? We know that change is inevitable. Our lives are no exception to this. Life today is saturated with mobile technology, social media and stress. But life then, was free of this hassle. With time, there are differences in almost all aspect of the society- Culture, fashion, technology, lifestyle, media, and relationships. Past lifestyle can be described as a simple, traditional, home-based lifestyle with a self-sufficient economy and simple tools. Present lifestyle, on the other hand, is complex, efficient, comfortable, and modern, highly technological, and is based on a profit maximising production economy. Reflect back to the era of 1960’s, 70’s or 90’s and recall the simplicity. Back then, the world wasn’t half as developed but even the smallest things induced happiness. Maybe there was not much progress on the technological front, but a wider sense of togetherness and joy among people. On the contrary, The global world now is much more technologically and economically advanced but this is accompanied by a wider generation gap, stress and a universal sense of individuality.

Now what is it that sets us so apart from our ancestors or elders? Why is there such a big difference between our attitudes, lifestyle and outlooks? After all we breathe the same air and bleed the same blood. Is it the technological accessibility? or abundance of exposure? or is it increased global transparency? It’s all of the above and more!

From art to music, cultural beliefs and customs, our generation has changed rapidly. For example, People today, prefer modern upbeat music to old soothing tones. The new generation feels like they are authorised on everything and they can easily give up from doing something if it requires some extra effort or concentration. Today, We have primed to always expect things to be done for us and it is truly affecting us on how we go about in our day-to-day activities. As far as our attitudes are concerned; Attitudes of people in the past were more peaceful since they did not have any complex economic, social or political problems. Thus, their attitudes and feelings were much simple than the present day. People in the present are more educated, open and free to express their opinions. With the complexity of their new lifestyle, their attitudes and feelings have become more complex. A change in time has also affected our thinking capacity. Our ancestors were intelligent and had a great thinking capacity despite the lack of technology and tools such as calculators, computers, etc. The technology we used today is a result of their innovations. Now, The thinking capacity of people has widened. Even a person with limited thinking capacity has the ability to improve it with education, access to books, magazines, and the internet.

All this is only possible due to positive changes in technology. Technology has evidently changed our society (both positively and negatively). As days go by, science and technology has been virtually advanced and used to create various machines from vehicles, weapons, mobile phones, computers or any other equipment that are designed using technology. Huge number of new generation is relying on the internet and precisely social media which has seen to gain more attention from our youngsters over the past few years and people can now meet and communicate easily with their loved ones regardless of your whereabouts. Compared to the old generation whereby technology wasn’t really familiarised as they had to find a way to dig deep and ensure their task is completely done by their bare hands without any programmed device that they could use.

But great progress comes with greater price. Excessive dependency on technology has made us addicted and has increased our workload, making us even more stressed. Today, there is a constant need to be connected to your peers due to the heavy influence of social media. This attitude widens the gap between our generations. In this way, older generations end up getting neglected in our society. To bridge this gap, it is quintessential to focus on better communication. Find a common medium for the same. If this gap is reduced, there will be more clarity and with the guidance of our elders, the stress load gets lighter too.

So sit back, reminisce about ‘the good ol days’ and reevaluate your priorities- Has technology gotten more important than your health and happiness? If yes, then declutter your mind with a digital detox. Reconnect with your loved ones without using social media, or just refrain the excessive use of mobile phones and laptops to reduce this stressful technology dependency and see the change. Write to us about your experiences on and get featured on our story!

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