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Ever heard of minimalism? It’s the practice of cutting out unnecessary belongings or activities from your life and enjoying the petite joys of life to make everything more simple.

I believe in owning material possession that I really require and not splurging on unnecessary items.I like to de-clutter my space and invest in simple forms of dressing.

Eg : Wearing minimum jewelry

Many people swear by it, so do I, but I also swear by 6 other practices that have brought me joy the past many years.

Eating Well -

· I believe eating meals should be gratifying and at peace. Begin each meal by looking at your food, smelling it, and taking three to five deep breaths.

· Chewing your food well until it turns liquid is important for a better digestion.

· I believe one should consume food which honors your body and is bioindividual to your needs – one should not try to mirror food habits according to what other people or media say.

Marvel your relationships

· Being grateful for what you have is paramount. Listing down 5 things each morning that you behold the most, can make your day more delightful.

· Communicating with your close ones or even your colleagues at work is very crucial for a pleasant life. Being on good terms with family, friends, neighbors, co-workers should be one’s primary agenda.

· Amend ways with the ones you have been on bad terms with to make your life simpler and free from negative emotions.

· Celebrate what’s new and good in your life instead of dwelling on things that aren’t going well. From that place of gratitude, take action to improve your life one step at a time.

Set Hygiene Parameters

· Scrubbing your entire body with a hot, damp washcloth or loofah in the morning and/or night to increase your circulation and exfoliate the dirt.

· Wearing 100% cotton clothes often and avoiding synthetic clothing helps your skin breathe.

· Keeping your body products clean and sanitized is essential for your daily hygiene. For example, your hairbrush, body washcloth and so on.

· Avoid those that contain chemicals or harmful ingredients– put just as much effort into using clean products as you do in eating clean!

· Avoiding wearing excessive jewelry, can help circulate energy freely.

Carry the Right Attitude

· Giving away yourself and your resources generously to those in need should be done with a true desire and only when you have the means and energy to do so.

· Negative emotions can put you through suffering more than the person who causes them. List down 5 things which were positive throughout the day, this can help you have a mindset of being grateful. Try daily to avoid and reduce these emotions to move on to an authentic and positive life.

· Singing a happy song, dancing along and listening to uplifting music releases endorphins which can help revive positive and cheerful emotions throughout the day.

· Laughter is the best medicine always. Having even a light sense of humor can help relax and lighten up your mood and others around you too.

· Feel gratitude for your food. Take a minute to give thanks before and after every meal.

· Create beautiful environments that support you. Maintain a positive attitude and enjoy the process of becoming healthier and happier every day.

· Pray, lie down quietly and take deep breathes or meditate to refresh and calm your mind this will help you recharge.

Meditate and Exercise

· Exercising daily can improve your immune system as well as make you feel energized and happy. This will help you feel good about yourself and boost your vitality.

· Experiment with different exercise styles to see what works for you. Try yoga, Pilates, martial arts, walking, running, bicycling , swimming, dancing, weight lifting, or a competitive sport.

Begin at your Home

· Keeping your home in good order ----- your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, closet and drawers . Fill your house with fragrance as it can make you and your house members feel fresh and delightful.

· Growing your greens can help with fresh eatables for your family along with reviving pure oxygen levels in your house.

· Stay a good distance away from the television or computer screen when using them.

About Me -

A health and fitness expert,writer and author of two books I'm Not Stressed (Secrets for a Calm Mind and a Healthy Body), and Shut Up and Train. Helping women ‘unleash their awesome’ with an empowering approach to health and fitness. My philosophy revolves around salutary living without cutting back on your cravings yet achieving the amazing body one never knew they had. My main goal is to help YOU achieve your health and fitness goals the sane and simple way so you can maintain those results long-term, while becoming the best, most awesome version of yourself.

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