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Battling your Energies

Having negative energy can really put you down. Negative energy can be seen as a low point in mood that can pervade throughout your whole body and to those around you. You likely notice negative energy anytime you're not evoking your usual happiness throughout the day, and chances are people around you notice too. Thus, recognizing when you have negative energy can be great, as you then have the power to turn the day around and start boosting your mood and energy levels to feel peppier overall.

Our daily mood can exhibit a sort of contagion effect, where we can either make others feel great along with us or pull them down, resulting in poorer moods all around. Clearly, the former is probably your preferred option, since feeling energized and excited in the day can be wonderful for boosting health benefit sand overall higher quality of life.

When you are feeling low and it's interfering in other life areas, it's a good idea to try and shift perspectives and eliminate these toxic elements from the body in order to feel happier and more eager to go about the day. Enjoying life is so important for one's health, and there's no better way to do so than reducing negative energy.

Here are signs that can tell you that you have negative energy and that an instant reboot might be in order to create more positive energy and joy.

1. You feel bad energy in others

We mirror the body language and energy of those around us.If you are sensing bad energy developing in others, it might be you.Therefore, check in with yourself and see if you are the problem and need to change your attitude.

2. You're working late at night

Both mental and physical energy usually deplete throughout the work day meaning that your tolerance for stress and motivation for complicated mental tasks is going to be very low after the work day.

Be aware of the time of day and try not to carry work stress home with you, when you should be recharging instead.

3. You constantly compare yourself with others

We live in a state of constant comparison to what we don’t have or what we haven’t achieved. Instead of trying to live up to the superficial highlight reel of others’ lives, recognize and appreciate yourself for the dignity with which you treat other people, the sacrifices you have made for your loved ones or to achieve a worthy goal, your commitment to persevering through a life that is often challenging and the small acts of kindness you do that go unnoticed by most.

4.Your day to day schedule is too hectic

When your schedule is too hectic, and you're busy running around from place to place, it can be hard to not let negativity and anxiety get the best of you.Pamper yourself every month or week to brighten your day and elevate happiness level.

5. You're Highly Emotional

If you frequently find yourself feeling too overwhelmed by emotion to function as you normally would, you might spend too much time dealing with negative energy. Often we try to banish these emotions from our lives, but they can actually be a good warning sign that something in your life needs to change.

Quick tip :

When you notice emotion related physical sensations like a racing heart or sweaty palms, instead of trying to push the sensations away, allow them to simply pass through your body like a wave. With emotions you can be assured of two things: emotional reactions all have a peak and they all eventually pass.

6. You spend too much time on social media

Spending too much time on social media can hurt our health and cause us to feel jealous or anxiety when looking at others' lives.Limit social media time to stay happier for most of the day. A general recommended limit is two hours a day, and no more, especially for people who have children unless you've a job in the social media sphere.

7. You have negative self talk

Having negative self-talk, like saying "I can't do this," and "I look bad in these pants," can get in the way of feeling more optimistic on a regular basis.Therefore, having positive, self-promoting mantras and setting intentions each day can help get rid of the negative, toxic energy in favor of more pep and enthusiasm. Tell yourself how awesome you are and face yourself in the mirror each day to reap the mood-boosting benefits!

How to make it better?

Here is a Daily Bucket list to get rid of negativity and make your days better:

Meditate 20 mins a day

Positive self affirmations

Always having a smile

Limiting social media


Having work-fun balance

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