• Deanne Pandey

Birthday in Quarantine? Here’s what you can do

The best thing about special occasions like Birthdays is, spending the day with your loved ones. Be it a young child or our elderlies, everyone shows up on birthdays and celebrate this occasion together. In this crucial time of a pandemic, although it is quintessential to adhere to the strict quarantine measures, this should not be a reason to make your birthday a quiet one. Everyone deserves to celebrate their birthday just like they wish to. The same can be carried out during a quarantine, without a social gathering. Don’t be upset if your birthday happens to come during this period of Quarantine. If you, or a family member, or a friend has a birthday that falls during this isolation period, We’ve got some great birthday celebration ideas that will help you or them have a special birthday.

Here are some ways to have a blast on your birthday during Quarantine-

For kids-

Children deserve an epic birthday no matter what’s happening in the world around them. The key here is to keep it tight. Put together a list of their close friends and family and contact them to be free at a fixed time. Design pretty e-invites or set a theme for a virtual party. Keep a short celebration via Zoom, so that everyone can be included. Plan virtual games that can be playing during this Zoom catch up, for an instance, virtual charades. Set up a table with home-baked treats with your child’s favourite dishes and a birthday cake. Dress up as your child’s favourite character and decorate the house using simple DIY craft ideas. You can also set up a ball pit or a treasure hunt at home, with some active beats in the background to dance to.

For teens-

With the teenagers of this generation, it is quite hard to bring smiles on their faces without involving their friends or technology. Luckily, we have got you covered. Set up a virtual sleepover, or a gaming night via different apps. Plan a coordinated Zoom birthday party with the close ones while cutting the birthday cake. Try out various dance challenges available on TikTok or plan a movie with their best friends using Netflix Party. Prepare their favourite meal and fix a cozy camping set up and watch movies together with a huge tub of popcorn or ice-cream.

For Adults-

The best gift for Adults on their birthday this quarantine will probably be the chance to spend the entire day with their family since workplaces are on a lockdown. Surprise your parent or significant other with a dim lit set up at home and a beautiful cake, baked with love. Coordinate a nice online video call with their loved ones and virtually clink your glasses to this joyous occasion. Or even better, fix an online karaoke competition with their friends. Watch some old Rom-coms or family tapes and pictures to reminisce some cheerful memories with the entire family.

Along with these ideas, indulge in some handmade gifts this year to add a personal touch. These ideas can be incorporated for birthdays of any age group as per choices and preferences. Mix them up and surprise your friends and families with great birthday celebrations.

Do not get disheartened if your birthday falls during this isolation period. In fact, one should be happier as they get a chance to reconnect with their loved ones again, as the entire world hits pause. This is the time to cherish your bond with your family and friends and strengthen these ties. Have a great and memorable birthday! Stay safe, and Take care!

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