• Deanne Pandey

Boost your blood circulation this Yoga Day!

Yoga is well-known to calm you down, increase your flexibility and balance your core. Poor circulation can be caused by a number of things: sitting all day at a desk, high cholesterol, blood pressure issues, and even diabetes. Movement is key to wellness on many levels, including for circulatory health. But the modern diet, our habits and certain medical conditions may hinder the blood circulation, thus leading to various health issues. However, good news is that Yoga can help you out.Yoga is not only one of the most accessible types of exercise, but it’s also one of the best types of exercise for poor circulation.

Here are some of the yoga poses to boost blood circulation-

  1. Downward dog-To get in the Downward Dog position, start in tabletop position, then raise your hips in a manner that your body forms an upside-down 'V' shape against the floor. Now, relax your head and neck, and draw your inner thighs to the back. Take five to seven breaths. Relax, then repeat. Perform the pose daily in order to boost your blood circulation.

  2. Triangle pose-Step your right foot forward into a plunge, then straighten your leg. Next, move your left foot forward, and turn it at a 45 to 60 degrees angle with the edge of the mat. Rest your right hand over your shin, and reach your left hand toward the roof, with your palms facing outward. Hold the position for a minute, then shift sides.

  3. Camel pose-To perform this pose, sit on your knees so that your body remains straight, while your knees form a right angle. Next, arch your spine backward and touch the heels of your feet with your hands. Hold the position for a few seconds, then slowly return to the initial position. Performing this pose will help improve blood circulation throughout your body.

  4. Warrior pose-To perform this pose, start by standing on a mat, with your left foot extended back, at 45 degrees, and right foot extended in front, with your thigh parallel to the ground. Join your hands and reach for the roof. Repeat the position, by switching sides. Perform these Yoga poses regularly for good blood circulation.

By exercising in ways that will compress and decompress the veins in our legs and access gravity in flushing stagnant blood and reversing blood flow, we can improve our circulation and stave off problems. Whether you have a diagnosed issue or not, the above yoga sequence can help your body work more effectively by improving your circulation.

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