• Deanne Pandey

Cherishing those little Moments of Joy

We often credit our source of joy to celebrations and special occasions; be it an academic achievement, a promotion, an anniversary or even your child’s first words. This notion often makes us dependant on such occasions. The same dependency has made the transition, from a fully functional world to a world adjusting to a pandemic, difficult. These times of dealing with a deadly virus are indeed tough in many aspects, but instead of getting disheartened and anxious, we can take this time and learn to enjoy the little moments. Finding joy in your day to day life as, today’s times have taught us that material attachments are transient and we can find joy in the simplest of daily activities. We overwork and over stress over things that are trivial, failing to feel satisfied and content. Thus, this is the right moment to learn to find happiness from your own joyous state of mind. Just by feeling happier without the support of occasions and opportunities, finding joy in being productive, finding joy in waking up to the chirping of birds, finding joy in helping the elderly, finding joy in yourself; is when you will adore happiness in its true form. Happiness is merely a chemical reaction controlled by the brain. Thus, you are the source of your happiness i.e. it comes from within not from the happenings around us. One can feel numb on a special occasion but could be bursting with joy while admiring the nature. Times like these when we are surrounded with worries and fear, it becomes even more important to find joy in your everyday life.

We always prioritise our work and physical well being over our mental well being. But what is the purpose of putting in so much effort and planning your life when you are not even truly happy. That is why, start with planning your happiness. Make a bucket list of things that truly make you happy, all the little moments you missed out on, things that make you laugh, things that fill you up with an overwhelming sensation. When you check out the items in you list, you will find true happiness. Learn to cherish the small and simple things. These moments often go unnoticed in our busy schedules. now is the time to celebrate these moments that were hidden behind the shadows of cherishing big accomplishments, embrace these moments. Make self care an important part of your routine. Take some time off in a week, sit back and indulge in some therapeutic activities. Forget about the laundry you forgot to do, or the kitchen mess that has not been cleaned yet, or the report you were supposed to submit, and just dive into some “me time”.

Lastly, happiness is a state of mind, so get into that joyous state of mind. Take a positive approach on everything. Make the most insignificant moment memorable. Ditch all your negative thoughts and worries and get into a habit of embracing and cherishing those little moments!

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