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Do you make these Pre-workout Mistakes?

Did you know, what you eat and do before and after your workout is as important as your workout itself? We often prepare a killer playlist to go with our intense workout, or carry a post workout drink or practice few forms beforehand so that our workout is hassle-free. Every minute of exercise counts towards achieving your goals—but what you do before you get there is actually just as important, if not more so. How you prep for a workout can make the difference between it being a success or a struggle.The practices you observe before and after working out have a great impact on the efficiency of your workout, especially things you do before working out. That is why it is really important to have a pre-workout routine. This blog helps you from making some common mistake before working out.

Here are some things one must avoid before working out-

1. Amp up on the Alcohol

Any amount of alcohol must be strictly avoided before a workout. Depending on the tolerance level one may have, it may affect some more than others—but either way, you’re looking at possible drowsiness, dehydration, narrowing of your blood vessels, impaired motor function, and a number of other side effects, which just aren’t conducive to working out. If you have consumed alcohol before hitting the gym, you tend to be more sluggish and less efficient. Moreover, it could be dangerous, so best skip your workout after drinking alcohol.

2. Pre-Workout Meals

Working out empty stomach is as bad as working out after a very heavy meal. You need gas in the tank to help you push through that extra kilometre, set or rep. If you are constantly looking to make progress, then working out on an empty stomach might leave you short. Make sure to include a small meal at least 60 - 90 minutes before your workout, even if it is just a quick shake. While it is important to fuel up your body before a workout, eating a heavy meal right before your work out can result in gastrointestinal disorders and thus obstruct your efficiency.

3. Control the Caffeine and Hydration

Caffeine is considered to be a great pre-workout- be it a glass of black coffee or green tea. It elevates your energy levels and helps you get through intense workouts. While caffeine can give a helpful boost to your workout, overdoing it can trigger abdominal discomfort and even diarrhoea. It can shoot up your heart rate and even cause dizziness. Just make sure you increase your intake slowly and assess your tolerance carefully. Further, it is often said, Hydration is key.Water helps regulate your body temp and lubricates your joints so you can move with ease. It also helps transport nutrients to your muscles, which can maximise your performance. So if you’re dehydrated before you even start sweating, you’re already at a disadvantage. Although, chugging a lot of water right before a workout is not the best way to go about it. Your kidneys can process close to a litre of water an hour, so if you drink more than that, you could put yourself at risk of a rare but serious condition called hyponatremia, in which the blood becomes diluted and the concentration of sodium ions drops too low.

4. Pre-workout workout

Skipping warm ups is one of the worst mistakes to make before a workout. At the same time, it is not advisable to do an intense workout right before hitting the gym. Back to back workouts may not be the best way for a result oriented fitness approach. Our muscles need time to repair and recover. This might just lead to fatigue or even injuries. Directly working out without stretching or warming up is worse. Warming up is probably even more important for the average gym-goer, considering most of us spend so much of our time sitting, which causes tightness and stiffness. A good warm-up loosens up your joints and increases blood flow to your muscles, so your body is prepared to take on the stress of exercise.

5. Mental Preparedness

While making sure you are avoiding all the other mistakes, do not forget your mental preparation before a workout. Come to the gym with a plan, so you don’t waste any time brainstorming a routine after your warm-up. Consider bringing a notebook into the gym with exercises and volume written down, so you can easily run through the workout while checking things off as you go. Mentally preparing yourself might mean taking five minutes for some meditation or breath work, setting an intention for your workout, or blasting your favourite workout song to pump yourself up. Without being focused on the workout, you’ll find your mind wandering and your lifts suffering because of it.

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