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Dull and boring workouts? No More!

Tired of the same workout routine at the gym everyday? Tired of those weekly leg days? But at the same time want to continue that intense calorie burn? Outdoor Workouts are here to save your workouts from becoming boring and monotonous. Step out of your stuffy gym and head out for a refreshing workout.

Here are a few ways to spice up your workout routine-

1. Trail Running

Trail running is one of the best ways to boost your calorie burn without running for longer durations. The uneven levelling and rogue texture of land makes your body work harder each step at a time. This makes your workout more intense and effective on the muscles. One needs to be wholly engaged to find footings, achieve balance, and adjust to the natural inclinations. Trail running engages both, your aerobic and anaerobic energy systems. Some trail positions are tougher and require bursts of energy, thus bringing variations in the running patterns.

2. Stand-up paddleboarding

SUP workouts are not only fun but also great for toning your body. Standing up on a board and navigating around with a paddle may look easy at first, but it demands a great deal of balance and energy. It requires the use of your entire body, with a major emphasis on core stability and control. SUP workouts also promotes your cardiovascular health. Head out to the beach for a day of Stand up paddle boarding, burn lots of calories along with the tranquillising vibe of the waters.

3. Jump Rope

Jumping rope is one of the most underrated workouts for coordination and athleticism.

Here’s a quick jump rope workout-

Do 10 reps of each type of jump. Then, sprint for five seconds, turn around, and sprint for another five seconds to the rope. Do not rest between jumps. Vary the types of jumps every time you return to the rope. 

– Basic two-foot jump – Double unders – Single leg: alternating – Single leg: same foot – High knees: bring both knees up on jump – Crossing feet in and out laterally – Crossing hands

4. HIIT the court

If you have a tennis court or a basketball court around, then head out and make it your personal gym. Do this high intensity interval training workout in the court-

Sprints: Sprint from one end of the court to the other, running forward and then jogging back backwards. Repeat 5 times total.

Lateral hops: Jump over and then back along the full court line, facing forward the whole time. Do 30 hops total (1-2 lengths of the court)

Side shuffles: Do side shuffles the full distance of the court and back,. Repeat 6 times total.

5. Trapeze

Take your workouts to new “Heights” with trapeze. It’s a great way to favour adrenaline rush coupled with a great upper body workout. Trapeze might look elegant and effortless but it requires a lot of efforts. These workouts are not only toning but also calorie burning.

6. Indoor rock climbing

Take a break from the elliptical or treadmill at the gym and hit the rock wall. Mix up your workouts with adventurous sports like rock climbing. It’s fun, adventurous and at the same time, it tones your body and increases your cardiovascular health. Sometimes a change of scenery and pace is all you need to get back on the exercise wagon.

At times, the same workout pattern drains your motivation to exercise. Even making the tiniest changes, like a place or an equipment can have a huge impact on your workout attitude. That is why, it is important to constantly challenge your body and try new workouts. Spice up your workouts with these fun, innovative, and easy to do yet super effective outdoor regimes to get that intense burn without getting tired of the repetitive workout plans.

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