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Women are the ones who make a home a blessing where everyone lives and stays happy together. But, sometimes the responsibilities and pressures a woman faces makes her feel irritated and frustrated with herself and everyone around her.

This causes health issues and makes her feel low, depressed and lonely at times.

A woman should take utmost care of herself as she does of her family. Investing in self-care should be a prime priority for her in order to strengthen her mind,body and feel good about herself. As it’s said ‘self-care is the new health-care’, this has been my story since ever.

Here are the 8 issues that can lead to a woman’s declining health –

Career pressure or dissatisfaction

‘Do what you love, love what you do’ i.e. the easiest way to give 100 percent at what you do is to do what you love. It’s a beautiful experience altogether when your career and passion come together.

The ‘pleasure’ in your job puts ‘perfection’ to your work! So every woman should find her purpose in life to feel happy and not aggrieved.

Ikigai is a Japanese term that means "a reason for being." Such a search is important to discovering one's ‘Ikigai’ that brings satisfaction, purpose and meaning to one's life.

I have been in the fitness business for more than 20 years , I wake up every morning with a purpose and intent and never consider rescheduling or postponing my meetings, interviews or daily tasks. I have found my zest for life, my Ikgai ....... have you?

Unfulfilling relationships

It is very necessary to maintain cordial relationships with your loved ones. Even a petty argument can lead to serious distraction or irritation throughout the day therefore increasing your stress levels. Spend quality time with your partner and your friends separately away from your daily chores , multiply those good memories.

I make sure to spend my weekends with my kids and husband and in any given free time I catch-up with a friend even if it's for a short while.

No spirituality or faith

It is necessary to feed your soul apart from your body or mental needs .Yoga, Meditation, religion or prayers are the pillars that let your faith and inner peace thrive. They help one stay calm and stress free throughout the day releasing positive energy within and around oneself.

I strongly believe in ‘Ashtanga yoga’. I practice it quite often and it helps me feel grounded,revived and full of positive vibes.

Poor diet or inactivity

You are what you eat hence what you eat should be intuitive and mindful. Healthy food choices like green vegetables, fruits can make you feel more energetic and fresh whereas foods high in sugar, gluten and carbs can make you feel dull and irritated.

Along with healthy food habits moderate levels of activity in the day can help you feel rejuvenated.

I practice healthy eating and go by the 90-10 rule which means 90 % of my food in a day is healthy whereas 10 % is a cheat meal.

Also I attempt to strike a balance in my workouts. On the days I feel energetic I give my workouts a 100% whereas on some days when I feel exhausted I opt for a relaxing peaceful yoga sessions, flexibility training with foam rolling or maybe I add in some breathe work and meditation.

Household responsibilities-

It’s important to not over-burden oneself with work and household responsibilities. Delegating responsibility to your house members can lessen your work and allow you to devote time to yourself.

I try to keep my home organized and delegate work to my staff , this helps keep everything clean and let's things function smoothly.

Putting yourself last

One should always dedicate time to oneself, self-acceptance and self-love is a process that needs time and patience. ‘No one can dim the light that shines from within’.

I devote at least an hour of my day to myself without diverting my attention to anything else. It helps me go back to my daily chores with more vivacity,positivity and enthusiasm.

Societal pressure

One should find out what works for them, aside from what is deemed “normal.”It is totally okay to do what one wants to without bothering about what others would say or think about them. How others perceive you is not important but how confident you are about yourself will make the difference.

I believe one can never influence the world by trying to be like it and a woman who walks alone can be in places one has never been to before. I aim everyday to strike my own path ,walk alone ,be different and not follow the herd. Even if my work and ideals inspire one person out there I feel I have succeeded.

Remember - 'A healthy life is a good life.'

About Me -

A health and fitness expert,writer and author of two books I'm Not Stressed (Secrets for a Calm Mind and a Healthy Body), and Shut Up and Train. Helping women ‘unleash their awesome’ with an empowering approach to health and fitness. My philosophy revolves around salutary living without cutting back on your cravings yet achieving the amazing body one never knew they had.

My main goal is to help YOU achieve your health and fitness goals the sane and simple way so you can maintain those results long-term, while becoming the best, most awesome version of yourself.

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