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Ho Ho Holiday Cravings?!

As the holiday season approaches, we are always surrounded by sugary treats. The weight gain caused by holiday cravings continue to bother us during the festive season. Nonetheless, we usually end up giving in to these delicious cravings. One of the reasons for these cravings may be that, as children, these foods were often associated with love, fun and relaxation. The logical conclusion, then, is that when you are feeling unloved, bored or stressed, you think, consciously or unconsciously, that these foods will make you feel better. And these cravings lead to binge eating and unwanted weight gain. That is why, to truly enjoy this festive season, it is important to tackle these holiday cravings.

Here are some ways to keep the unwanted weight gain at bay-

1. Opt for healthy fats

When you grab a plate for appetisers or your meal, inspect the options for your healthy fat and proteins. Carbs are plentiful, so those will likely make their way onto your plate without even trying. Proteins typically make their way into the main dish, be it ham, turkey or roast beef. Remember, carbs aren’t all bad, but they all turn into sugar in your body, which is going to set you up for wanting more and more. Keep your focus on healthy fats like nuts, seeds, butter, olive oil, olives, avocado, coconut oil, heavy cream, and/or cheese. Healthy fat will not only keep you full, but will also help offset the spiking of your blood sugars, which those carbs absolutely will do.

2. Coconut Oil for curbing your cravings

Despite the fact that it’s high in saturated fat, coconut oil can be an effective way to curb sugar cravings. 2 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil will not only reduce your sugar cravings but also help you control your appetite.

3. Spend an extra hour in bed

Studies have shown that a lack of sleep may cause us to eat 300-400 more calories the next day. And in order to keep energy levels high we tend to choose sugary or starchy quick-fixes. Just one extra hour of sleep each night can increase leptin, the hormone which suppresses appetite.

4. Include more herbs and spices

Increasing the number of herbs and spices used in your kitchen will help release your body from the addictive grip of sugar, reduce cravings and improve your overall health. Ginger, for example, is a natural anti-inflammatory that enhances insulin sensitivity, which protects against diabetes. Turmeric is another powerful spice that’s great for fighting sugar cravings. It’s known to lower blood sugar and fight against insulin resistance. 

5. Say no to cravings with cinnamon

Cinnamon helps to keep our blood sugar levels balanced, this minimises insulin spikes after meals, which can lead to hunger and further carbohydrate cravings. Try sprinkling cinnamon onto food, or sipping on cinnamon tea.

’Tis the season to fight those sugary holiday cravings and enjoy your holidays to the fullest, without any guilt!

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