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2018 was a great year for fitness evolution. But, 2019 is set to be bigger, better and more exciting than ever! Now that we’re done with the festive hoot and on with our respective routines again, its time to focus on our fitness goals. We bring to you 19 of the hottest workouts and fitness trends of 2019.

9 Fitness trends to keep up with in 2019

1. Hybrid yoga

Coupling other activities with yoga asana can bring additional agility, endurance, and fun to your workouts. Adding yoga moves to your regular workout routine or incorporating weights, dance, or acrobatic moves into your yoga practice will improve the efficiency of your workouts by a great deal.

2. Shorter workouts

A 15 minute high intensity workout is as effective as a 45 minute low intensity workout. High intensity interval workouts will be popular this year too. It increases your endurance, strength and metabolism. The duration might be shorter but HIIT workouts can be done anywhere and are equally challenging.

3. Recovery

Recovery after exercise is essential to muscle and tissue repair and strength building. It is an essential part of any workout routine. Recovery tools like steam rooms and cold plunge tubs are quite effective.

4. More importance to the mind

Mindful running definitely had an eminent phase last year. Mental health will become much more mainstream in fitness this year. We are likely to see meditation based workouts too.

5. Body weight training

Getting fit won’t be as complicated. Body weight training is great to improve your strength, flexibility and overall health. The best part is, you can do it anytime and anywhere. So mix up your workouts with Body weight training.

6. Functional fitness training

Functional training has created quite the buzz in the fitness community. It basically refers to “Real world” fitness. The workouts involve training the body for the activities performed in our daily lives. It increases your flexibility and coordination.

7. Beach workouts

Spice up your fitness routine this year with beach workouts and burn those vacation calories. The sand’s surface causes you to work harder, thus burning more calories and strengthening of muscles. Work harder by the beach and enjoy the beautiful landscape while you’re at it.

8. Animal Inspired workouts

If you’ve noticed gym-goers crouching, hopping, and slithering during a workout these days, you’ve spotted the latest fitness trend: taking a cue from the animal kingdom and doing muscle-building exercises that tap into your primal side. Challenge yourself by adding animal movements to your daily workouts.

9. Wearable technology

Gadgets such as smart watches, Heart monitors, Fitness trackers, etc have been a People’s favourite throughout 2018. The combination of fitness and technology doesn’t seem to be losing its importance this year too.

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