• Deanne Panday

Ikigai-The Reason For Being

Ikigai is a Japanese concept which means "Reason for being". The word 'Ikigai' cannot be exactly translated into English but it refers to the 'reason for which you wake up every morning'.

Since my teenage years that gym was my playground but I never really thought I'd make it my workplace. From being a commercial art  graduate to writing on fitness for leading Indian magazines to training The Miss India contestants for 8 years and then becoming a personal trainer , I still hadn't realized what my 'ikgai' was. Later on after  becoming a health coach and witnessing positive changes in all my clients medical reports, I realized this is what I seek to do for the rest of my life.

Working towards helping people get healthy and fit makes me wanna jump out of my bed every morning. I Finally found my 'ikigai'. What's yours? Not sure? Keep reading to know how you can find your calling, your 'ikigai'....

1. Question Yourself

•What is it that makes me feel peaceful and content? •What am I good at naturally? •What is it that I always look forward to do? •Which activities make me feel connected to my inner self the most? Is it writing? Is it music? Is it photography or cooking? Dance or drama? Ask yourself. The answers all lie within you.

2. Analyze & Plan

Once you've found out what your ikigai is, it's time you start working on it. Create a plan. • Be open to changes. • Be curious.  • Be patient.  • Be open to learning.  • Escape into nature. • Explore your abilities , your  strengths and work on it.  •Improve your skills and focus on what pleases your soul.

3. Keep Doing it.

Consistency is they key. Don't give up! Even though you're doing what pleases you, keep in mind that it's not going to be a bed of roses. You still have to put in efforts but this time you'll be investing in something that interests you and satisfies your mind.

Following your Ikigai will help you enhance your self confidence, work life and self worth. Do what makes YOU happy.

In this fast paced 4G world , make sure you live your life slowly and meaningfully. Don't rush. Don't force things. Just do as your soul pleases.

Follow thy heart and you shall experience bliss.

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