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With jam packed schedules and so many things to focus on, most of us have become living robots.

Life can be exhausting and overwhelming. Result? You're no longer connected with yourself.

Do not fear! For you can take back your power through self care.

With numerous self care ideas floating all over social media, how do you know what's viable and what exactly can help you reconnect with yourself?


The secret to living a happier life is spending quality time with YOURSELF.

The point of “me” time is less of what activities you want to be a part of and more of having time set aside to focus on yourself.

Cancelling plans to stay home all by yourself, just proves you're strong enough to enjoy your own company. Sadly, after cancelling plans, most of us go on a guilt trip.

That's where you need to hault and tell yourself.

" I am my own priority, everything else can wait."

The most important thing in life is YOU. Self worth and self care go hand in hand.

It's time you take some time aside everyday to care and appreciate yourself.

Meanwhile, let's discover some amazing benefits you can obtain by spending time with yourself.

1. Reconnect with your self.

People, work and stress can take away a lot of your energy

That is exactly why you need to reconnect with your true self. That my friend, can only be achieved when you start spending quality time all by yourself and for yourself.

Gift yourself some time to observe your thoughts, desires, dreams and wishes.

2. Calms your mind.

Being around people and gadgets all day long can be draining. Dedicating a mini break to "me time" can help put racing thoughts to rest.

It gives your mind freedom to think of whatsoever makes you feel good.

3. Increases your confidence.

When you spend time with yourself, you will learn to accept your flaws and promote your strengths.

When you're well aware of your capabilities and have accepted your flaws, you can easily overcome fear and be more confident. All of this can be done if you dedicate at least 10 mins to yourself EVERYDAY.

4. Destroys loneliness.

When you start to embrace your own company, you'll learn to do things by yourself and enjoy the experience, without being in fear of being all by yourself.

Next time a friend cancels on your movie plans don't be disheartened, take it as an opportunity to spend quality time alone.

Plus you won't need to share your popcorn!

5. Increases creativity.

Since ages, artists and musicians have spent time aloof to create art. When you're alone, there's no disturbance, no distractions. This gives your mind a chance to wander and explore it's capabilities. And who knows? You might even discover a creative side you never knew you had.

6. You'll be less dependent.

When you start appreciating your own company, you'll be less dependent on others for happiness.

Learn to make yourself feel good even when there's no one beside you. You're strong and independent when you stop expecting others to make you feel good. The only person who has control over your happiness is YOU.

7. You'll fall in love with yourself.

Life can be boring if you're not in love with yourself. Spending time with yourself helps nuture your mind and soul. When start keeping aside some time for yourself, you're making yourself a priority and this is an act of self love.

The more you love yourself, the more love you'll receive from the universe and people around you.

So take a stand and make a conscious decision to spend quality time with yourself regularly.

Discover The Real You !

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