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Water is a fundamental element essential for our very own existence. Up to 60% of the human adult body is water.

The absence of water would mean an absence of all living.

It hydrates. Purifies. Pacifies. Cleanses. Calms. You can swim in it, soak in it, drink it or float on it.

But why does being in or around water feel so good?

According to scientific studies, being by the sea has a positive impact on mental health. The Minerals present in the air around a sea reduces stress.

Exercising in a natural environment has been shown to have greater benefits for mental health than exercising elsewhere.

Interestingly, even the sound of water has positive effects on our mental health. The sounds of flowing waters have long been used in meditation to help transcend the human mind to a relaxed and calm state. They are also used as tunes in music.

Sounds of the waves & Sea soothe and calm the mind and brain

Well, what better way to connect with water than to swim in it.

Swimming is the ultimate 'feel good' exercise that can help you burn calories quite easily. It is a low impact exercise that is easy on the joints, supports your weight and also builds muscular strength and endurance.

The best part to it is that there is no age limit to swim.

Let’s talk about Swimming in length in my blog today.

So here's 6 reasons why you must connect with water :

1. Best method to loose weight.

Swimming offers a full-body workout and tones your muscles, as well as builds endurance. If you're looking to burn fat, I suggest you take a dip in the pool.

The CDC ( Center of Disease Control ) states that a person weighing 154 pounds burns around 510 calories by swimming laps for an hour. However, If you don't change your diet, you'll need to swim laps for about seven hours to lose one pound.

Interestingly, swimming also has an after-burn effect which means the calories in your body are burnt even after you finish swimming.

2. Reduces stress.

A swim can boost the flow of endorphins in your body leaving you feeling relaxed and calm. Swimming has proven to have therapeutic effects on the mind as well as body.

Research states being in water reduces the amount of sensory information your body is constantly subjected to. This can result in feeling calm. Due to being repetitive nature, swimming also happens to be an incredible form of meditation.

3. Good for your muscles.

When you swim, you're making use of muscles that our body doesn't usually use. Swimming involves of moving your hands as well as legs to maintain balance and stability. These movements trigger the muscles that usually don't get much attention.

End result? A well toned and lean body.

4. Builds lung capacity.

Swimming is an Aerobic exercise. When you're involved in an aerobic exercise, your heart rate increases alongside your lung efficiency. It

activates the large muscle groups that require large volumes of oxygen to perform their task.

Also the controlled breathing techniques used while swimming can help improve lung function.

5. Low impact workout.

Swimming is a great workout for injured athletes and especially those who need to take it easy on their joints.

You can swim at higher intensities on a regular basis without feeling wear and tear on your body.

This is one of the reasons why swimming is a better option than any other regular form of workout.

6. Slows down Ageing.

We know that swimming can help you loose weight But were you aware of the fact that swimming can slow down the aging process? Many experts say yes.

7. Swimming in an ocean is therapeutic.

Have you heard of 'Thalassotherapy'?

It actually refers to the use of seawater for medical and comestic purposes.

The presence of minerals and salts such as sodium and iodine in the ocean water are considered antiseptic, meaning it may have wound-healing properties.

Various studies state, swimming in the ocean can bring relief to patients suffering from eczema, dry skin, arthritis and bacterial infections.

So when are you diving in?

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