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Joy to the World

In this state of never-ending uncertainty and panic we have forgotten to take a joyous moment to ourselves. This three letter word has the potential to change your world if you let it. Joy is not just an emotion you experience, it is a necessary means to survive. The horrors of the pandemic are likely to follow us into the new year of 2021. But instead of sulking and letting it get to you, you can find yourself in this ecstatic state of pleasure and happiness. Joy is a feeling which intensifies when we give, it is about sharing your emotions and making the world a better place to live in. Our mental health has been compromised several times, more often over the period of this pandemic. We often forget to value and prioritise our feelings and often mistaken material possessions as the source of our happiness. Material possessions indeed do make people happy, but that sense of inner joy you experience in “The little things”, is truly euphoric. Joy is not just a feeling of happiness, it’s much more. Once you surrender yourself to the love around you, you will be surprised to find out the source of your inner joy. It is impossible to regard a particular activity or habit as the source of joy. You could find joy in the stillness of the water, or as a smile on someone else’s face. You could also find joy by sharing that last piece of cookie with your sibling or in philanthropy. It could be in the form of the blessings of an elderly or love for your young ones. Maybe you’d find joy in feeding a stray or making a wholesome dinner for your family. It is beautifully intertwined with the feeling of love, gratitude and mindfulness.

Over the last year, all of us have seen steep ups and downs in different ways. This has indeed forced us to rethink a lot of aspects of life and taken a toll on our mental health. In such a situation, when your mental health is astray and it is even more difficult to reach out to people, you just need to look inside. Look at it this way, within a span of a couple of months, the entire world turned upside down. Perhaps in this jumbled situation, consider thinking upside down, maybe you will find what you are looking for. Instead of regarding people and material things as the source of your happiness, take a moment all to yourself and just surrender yourself to the positivity around you. Just like mercy, joy is twice blessed- it blesses the person who gives it and the one who gets it. Meaning, when you share love and happiness, it brings about a sense of joy to the person sharing it and the person with whom it is shared. Sometimes, being selfless is all the self love you can get.

Now the question arises, how can one make this magical feeling a part of their lives? Joy being strongly associated with your inner happiness, comes from your own person. You can start with some self-reflection practices to get to know yourself better. Make a daily note of 5 things that made your happy and that made you sad. Meditate and let all your thoughts come to you. Try paying attention to your attributes and traits. Once you include these practices in your routine, try practicing mindfulness. The practice of sharing and doing one selfless deed a day is one of the most effective practices. Shift your focus from material attachments to appreciating the little things. These minor changes can bring about instrumental changes in your life. To quote an excerpt from my new book, “The best way to seek joy is to find it in the everyday. Know and Acknowledge that you have plenty to be thankful for and see the beauty around you. Joy will follow.”

You can read all about inner sense of joy and other elements of a balanced life in my new book- ‘Balance’. Grab your copies today!! Try these practices and let us know how you experience joy.

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