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Keep Extra Calories at Bay this Diwali

The joyous festival of lights is upon us and we cannot contain our excitement. Diwali is filled with lights, colours, and sweets. Being a major festival, Diwali is celebrated every year with great zeal and fervour. Amongst the pomp and show, our diet and fitness often goes for a toss. From sweets like Kaju Katlis and Laddoos to snacks such as Bhakarwadi, Chakli, and roasted almonds, Diwali celebrations are incomplete without some good food. Intentionally or not, people do indulge in eating extra number of sweets which results in extra kilos of weight post these festivals.

It is easy to take control of your life and yet not miss out on festivities by following these simple steps-

1. Take small bites

Sweets and sugary treats are filled with extra calories and sugar, but it is impossible to say no to them during Diwali. That is why, to ward off the excess calories, try taking small bites and relish the treats. This way you will feel satisfies and full in lesser quantities. Avoid second helpings. Portion control is your key to keep the unwanted calories at bay.

2. Pick your meals wisely

Indeed, Diwali meals are unhealthy but, pick the lesser evil out the options. For an instance, given a choice between fried snacks and dry fruits, pick the dry fruits. Pick homemade sweets and snacks over outside food. Plan your meals in a way which includes more water-based dishes, or roasted dishes. If you have already consumed a lot of calories during the day, make sure You can either have a glass of milk, buttermilk, cold coffee, fruit salad or try some low carb fat-free foods.

3. Try walking as much as you can

Amidst meeting your closed ones and celebrating this festival, your workout regimes tends to get sidelined. Thus, try walking as much as you can or take the stairs, do a couple of stretching exercises at your desk, skipping, the list is endless.

4. Choose your booze

Alcohol is another reason why you gain extra weight during festivities. This is because cocktails and sugary sodas carry too much sugar and add to your weight. Beer also adds to your weight. Opt for spritzers and wine and avoid finger food.

5. Hydration is key

Maintain a distance from fizzy and sugary beverages. Instead, go for lemonade, fresh juices, water or coconut water. Keep water infused with lime, mint, berries, cucumber and any other citrus fruit of your choice and sip throughout the day. Increase your water intake. This will help you flush out all toxins.

All these steps are really easy to follow. Be mindful about what you consume and you will not gain any unwanted calories. It is indeed not easy to stay away from such sweet and savoury treats, but it is important to have a sense of control. Wishing all of you a Very Happy and Healthy Diwali, and a Prosperous New Year!

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