• Deanne Pandey

Master these skills while staying indoors

These stressful times of a pandemic can take a toll on your optimism and mental outlook. The paranoia and the uncertainty surrounded around us is surely not the best motivator. But instead of getting surrounded by the terrors of what next, take this time to learn something new or brush up your skills. Naturally not every skill can be mastered when one is restricted in these many aspects. Activities such as Photography, Baking, Knitting, Usage of Digital Platforms etc. need a specific set of skills and practice to master. Moreover, there is a vast scope of learning in these activities. Whether you are a novice or adequately experienced, there is always something to learn in these fields. Especially Digital Platforms, right from Social media marketing to Coding to Microsoft Office, the horizons of digital platforms expand beyond our knowledge. Specialising in these fields will not only help you positively spend your self-isolation time but also help you master some impressive skills.

Here is a list of some skills you can easily master while sitting at home-

1. Photography and Editing

There is a huge difference between a picture clicked without any prior knowledge of the areas of photography and the one clicked with prior knowledge of angles, light, aperture, focus etc. There are a lot of factors that lead to a perfect picture. Knowing these factors and learning how to use them to your benefit can add a professional touch to your pictures. More importantly, there is a prominent difference between a non-edited picture, an edited one and a well edited one. Be it videos or photos, editing plays the most important role of them all. There are a lot of digital applications and sources that provide sufficient information and even professional courses on photography and editing. Spend your time in brushing up your creative side and producing great content.

2. Digital Marketing

Since we are supposed to practice social distancing, all our work is carried out via digital platforms. Marketing in itself is an important determinant of the growth of any project, be it a corporate or an entertainment body. As of now, all the means of marketing are digital. Thus, one must know how digital marketing functions. When it comes to digital marketing, online engagement and insights play an important role. Thus, learning about these skills can really help you be productive this quarantine.

3. Science

The coronavirus pandemic has revealed a profound societal ignorance of science. It's been there for decades, in the debate between evolutionary biology and creationism, in the distrust of vaccines and in the national discourse anytime intellectual pursuits are championed. Science is a living, breathing process with a steep learning curve. There are no limitations or boundaries upon the fields of science. It continues to grow. Thus one cannot have enough knowledge when it comes to science. Educating yourself of the most basic concepts and encouraging your family to do the same will not only add to your knowledge but also put your time to a great use.

4. Languages

Investing your time in learning Foreign Languages can never go to a waste. Ever since school, we were conditioned to learn a language- right from Vocabulary to Grammar. This conditioning has led us to be able to use the same language fluently. But why stop there? Learning a new language does not just mean mugging up some foreign phrases. It involves understand the culture and origin of that country as well as the way of life. It benefits us in many ways. Thus, learning a new language can not only be fun but also highly informative.

5. Baking

Baking is not just an activity, it is an art. Understanding the process, composition and measurements of ingredients is a skill definitely worth mastering. It does not just come handy when you are hosting a brunch or when you want to bake a cake for your loved ones. In this time where even the basic grocery is not available easily, it enable you to make your own bread from scratch. Taking online baking lessons, trying new dishes at home in itself is a rewarding process. Master the skill of baking during this isolation period and get yourself some homemade treats.

Make the most of the time you have at hand and learn new things. Take care and Stay safe!

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