• Deanne Pandey

Missing out on those walks? Here’s what to do

Staying at home has become a normal lifestyle at this this point. But this quarantine and chill mode has indeed affected your quick runs to the grocery store, morning jogs and evening strolls. We are being able to carry on with our lives from the comfort of our homes but are we getting too comfortable? Ever since we have been required to stay at home, the number of steps we take in a day has reduced by a great margin. Walking is a great exercise which must be incorporated in everyone’s routine. But striking out outdoors isn't always doable, whether you're strapped for time, the weather just isn't cooperating or you’re caught up in the middle of a pandemic?! On an average, we walk over 5000 steps while carrying out our daily work without even consciously incorporating a specific walk routine. Moreover, walking is not just important to lose weight, but it also increases your oxygen levels and regulates your movement. This way you stay fresh, active and flexible. So how exactly can we increase those daily steps without going out that often? Here are some ways to add to your daily steps-

1. Turn your home into a playground

Quarantine is not just affecting you. Kids, who spend most of their time at the school and at the park, are now bound within the walls of your house. Play games such as tag and Hide and seek with your kids everyday. This is not only a fun family activity but it adds to your daily steps.

2. Walk it like you talk it

This is probably a great time to catch up with some old buds. Talking to your loved ones can go on for long. Start moving around the house while talking to your friends and family. Being so indulged in the conversations, you will not even realise when you walked those extra 3000-4000 steps.

3. Take your dog for a walk

While it is not entirely safe but at the same time unavoidable, taking your dog for a walk is a great way to walk more. Reduce the number of walks in a week, take adequate precautions and take your dog for a walk early in the morning, when there aren’t that many people outdoors.

4. Set competitive goals

Challenge your friends or partners for a fun competition to see who gets in more steps throughout the day. Nowadays, all phones have an inbuilt pedometer. Set a weekly goal, and set a reward or a punishment accordingly. This is a fun way to bridge that movement gap.

5. “Walk” from home

Work from home has become the new norm. While it could be stressful, you could use this time to walk around. Keep moving around while attending work calls or walk around the house when you take a break. Since you are not in an office setting, there is no compulsion to be seated at all times.

Try incorporating these minor changes to your routine and walk a little more. Do let us know if you have other hacks to walk more at home. Stay indoors and Stay safe.

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