• Deanne Panday

Mushrooms: the highest form of superfoods

At the first glance, it seems rather odd to consume mushrooms. The dilemma comes from its appearance and some poisonous varieties. But this is not the case. Edible mushrooms are not only safe to consume and tasty but are packed with many benefits. They are considered as Superfoods; rich in potassium, vitamins, fibre, and proteins. Not only this, but Mushrooms are also low in calories. The varieties of Edible mushrooms that we generally come across are Porcini, Golden oyster, Shiitake, Maitake, Oyster, Portobello, and Button.

We reap a wide range of extraordinary health benefits from including mushrooms in our diet. What are they?

Better digestion and Weight loss:

Mushrooms provide nourishment to the good bacteria in our gut. They are low in calories and have very little fat. The fibre content of Mushrooms helps in reducing appetite and fight obesity.

Longer and healthier life:

Eating mushrooms help in preventing diseases and give you an immunity boost. They are anti-inflammatory and its antioxidants prevent the damage caused to our cells. Thus, helps us in living a healthier, and a longer life.

Fights diseases:

Mushrooms have the ability to facilitate cancer prevention and reduce the risks of diabetes and heart diseases. The nutrients in mushrooms inhibit the growth of cancer cells. The fibre and potassium contribute to our cardiovascular health.

This is how beneficial mushrooms are. So what are you waiting for? Get these nutrient-packed mushrooms right away!


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