• Deanne Pandey

Practising Self-Care this Teacher’s Day

Teaching concepts and giving guidance is not an easy task. It is exhausting and highly occupying. Although, without teachers, we would not know where we are headed and lose our path. They show us the right path and educate us about the fundamentals of learning. Be it a college professor or a health coach, teachers are the means to get closer to your goal. To celebrate this role of teachers in our lives, we celebrate teacher’s day. However, amidst all the teaching and learning, teachers forget to take care of themselves. Observing holistic self care practices is quintessential for a teacher or a guide. This does not only help them reflect upon themselves but also helps them work better. After dedicating a substantial amount of time in looking after their disciples, it is pertinent that they remove a small portion of their day to look after themselves. As a health and wellness coach I completely understand the importance of self care for teachers and practice all that I preach myself. If I wish to continue imparting the knowledge of holistic well- being, I ought to understand the importance of self care. That is why self care is very important to me. Before guiding others, I look after my health first. This notion is extremely important for teachers as there are many who look up to them and depend upon them for guidance. In order to look after these needs, it is necessary to regularly practice self care.

Now how can teachers practice self care? Since the routine of a teacher is an exhausting one, it is beneficial to include simple self care practices in your daily routine than consciously try to practice rigid self care activities. Make it

a point that self care is highly subjective. What might be relaxing and reflective for the entire world, might not be so for you. Practices such as meditation, journaling, gardening, music, nature walks and reading are some activities you could include in your daily routine. Start by recognising your preferred self care practices. Next comes the motivation. The thing about motivation is that our brain is wired in such a way that it will always opt towards the more convenient and easier option. This is why we have a difficulty in changing our habits. So instead of stressing over gathering motivation, work on how you perceive a particular activity. Lastly, get more organised and sincere about these practices. Teachers are overworked and stressed, and self-care is what makes you capable of being the best teacher you can be. So this Teacher’s Day, make a list of what makes you calmer and happier, and include routine activities that would bring you closer to this goal. Happy Teacher’s Day!

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