• Deanne Pandey

Self Care and Mental Health care During Quarantine

Not that long ago, a deadly virus shook the very basis of human existence. The dynamics of which are still unknown to scientific developments. We came together on a global level to fight against this virus, proving that the things that caused us to be stressed and worried do not even matter during such a time; proving, that our world is much expansive than just work and responsibilities. Surely, we are surrounded by great uncertainty and paranoid apprehensions. But, it is vital that we stay at home and take a step back, since taking a step back means taking a step against this deadly virus. The pandemic that we are facing today, has not only affected us in financial and physical aspects but also with reference to our mental health. Especially those who are out there, treating and helping the patients and making sure that public order is maintained and those who are away from their families. Thus, practising self care and prioritising mental health is one of the most important steps to be taken this quarantine.

When we talk about self care during quarantine, it is important to focus on productivity and positivity. It does not just mean DIY spa days or journaling. It means making the best use of your time at home. Practice self care in a form which not only puts your in an optimistic surrounding but also helps others spend their quarantine productively. The best way to practice self care is to get organised and get creative. Make a specific routine which includes quality time with your loved ones, fitness, cleaning, time for self reflection, mindful practices and a selfless act which benefits others. Learn a new skill as it would not only pass your time productively but will also act as self care for your mind. Choose a weekly workout challenge and follow it regularly, make a creative chart to track your progress and challenge your friends and family to do the same. Do yoga as it calms your mind and body. Utilise the time in deeply cleaning and organising every shelf and every room at your home. Cleaner the surroundings, better the mood. Take up activities that relax your mind. Do one act of kindness each day. This pandemic has been crucial for those who struggle to get even the basic necessities and those who still have to leave their families and homes to work for the betterment of our country. Express your deepest gratitude and do an act of kindness towards these heroes. Share a smile, Share motivating and encouraging content on social media platforms, Provide a meal to the ones in need, these actions might not take much of our resources or time, but they can make someone else’s day. Practice self care in a way which affects many more than just yourself.

Next aspect which is vital to focus on, is mental healthcare. As discussed above, the uncertainty and paranoia attached to the terrors of this pandemic surely takes a toll on your mental health. Everyone might face different issues. One might get anxious due to loneliness, or get frustrated in want of social space, or even panicky or paranoid owning to the surroundings. Naturally, the importance given to mental healthcare is lesser as compared to physical healthcare. But that does not mean we should play along with this blatant ignorance. Pay extra attention to your mental health this quarantine. Especially the ones who are living away from their families and those working in medical and administrative sectors. Members of our medical staff and police institution are working day and night in contact with others who might be infected to ensure that we are safe. These people should in fact be more careful about their mental health as they are constantly surrounded by the paranoia of this pandemic. The best way to ensure better mental health is to practice breathing techniques. Driving your focus on your breath helps you take some seconds off and concentrate on yourself. For others, meditation, maintaining a mood journal, and self reflection activities are a must. Listen to what your inner self wants to convey and do not ignore any red flags which could indicate any mental illness.

Prioritise yourself through selfless acts. Stay home and Stay safe!

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