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Sugar Rush? Gratify it the right way..

Highly addictive, horribly debilitating, unfortunately pervasive, and freaking delicious - SUGAR. If I had to point to ONE culprit to our country’s expanding waistlines,highly diabetic population and rapidly deteriorating health, it would be sugar. Most of the youth eats too much sugar. They eat sweet cereals,jalebis,processed juices full of sugars and hidden sugars .For lunch they would choose a samosa,pav bhaji or a pizza with a diet coke and end up binging on desserts or ice creams for dinner. Sugar gives us a lot of energy at first, and then it makes us really tired and cranky, and always wanting more sugar. Some people get headaches or feel sick from eating sugar. Our bodies do not need white sugar, and there are many easy ways to eat less of it. You will feel better and be much healthier without it! Sugar alternatives: Eat fruit to get a naturally sweet taste. Eat sweet vegetables, such as sweet potatoes, carrots or apple gourd. Drink fruit infused water instead of soda. Bake your own desserts and treats using natural sweeteners. Eat more grains, chewing well to release their natural sweetness. Almost everyone craves sweets.Rather depending on the processed sugars add naturally sweet foods to your daily diet to satisfy your sweet tooth. So take a step towards a healthy you by choosing your sugars wisely. About Me - A health and fitness expert,writer and author of two books I'm Not Stressed (Secrets for a Calm Mind and a Healthy Body), and Shut Up and Train. Helping women ‘unleash their awesome’ with an empowering approach to health and fitness. My philosophy revolves around salutary living without cutting back on your cravings yet achieving the amazing body one never knew they had. My main goal is to help YOU achieve your health and fitness goals the sane and simple way so you can maintain those results long-term, while becoming the best, most awesome version of yourself.

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