• Deanne Pandey

This world environmental day give back to our Mother Earth!

Our Mother Earth is where we draw all Our energy and resources from. And that is exactly why it is important to give back more than what we take. Over the years human greed has taken over what the environment has to offer us. However, this world environmental day, it is upon us show the mother Earth some love too. Right from climate change to the rising of the water level, we are only bringing the environment to the brink of destruction. But, we need to get conscious of our actions and start giving back to mother earth. We do not need any big gesture, even small steps at your home will suffice and contribute to the preservation of the environment. Here are some ways to help our mother old –

The most obvious ways to help the environment are to conserve energy and use less water. But if you put on your green thinking cap, you can come up with lots of less obvious, but no less important, earth-friendly habits. One can start by leaving their vehicles at home. Along with helping to save money and improve fitness, leaving the car in the garage also reduces the amount of dangerous greenhouse gases. Motoring on two feet is a lot more energy-efficient than cruising on four wheels. Walking obviously isn’t a viable choice if you’re headed to see family across the country, but as long as you stay local, you can sneak more foot action into your daily routine and cut down on carbon emissions in the process. Ditch the car entirely and shop in the virtual world. Online shopping is easy, and currently safer than shopping in stores. It can lessen your carbon footprint but only if you avoid rushed shipping, buy more items together to minimize shipments, and support brands with eco packaging etc.

Everyone talks about how much food we eat, but what about the food we don’t eat? If people around the world saved just one quarter of the food they now waste, we could end global hunger. But instead of filling empty plates, that wasted food usually ends up in landfills, where it eventually turns into a destructive greenhouse gas called methane. Wasting food also squanders the resources that went into the production of that food.The golden rule of grocery shopping is to never hit the supermarket hangry. Tackling the aisles armed with a planned list can avoid a cart overloaded with items that will ultimately end up in the trash. Plan out the whole week’s meals in advance. Figure out what ingredients each recipe requires, and write them all down. As long as you actually stick to the meal plan, there shouldn’t be much food left over.

Lastly, Disposable plates, plastic forks, and ketchup packets are small, but they add up. A whole lot of those containers end up in landfills, where they release more methane into the air. The good news is that many companies are becoming more aware of how much food packaging they use and taking steps to reduce it. Individuals can pitch in, too. Consider purchasing non-perishable foods in large quantities. One big bag of rice or pasta uses less plastic than five smaller ones. Just be sure to seal them up well, so they don’t go bad before you can use them. Using a new disposable aluminum tin every time you bake a cake or roast a chicken creates a distasteful amount of waste. Instead, consider investing in some metal and ceramic baking pans that you can re-use.

So next time, keep these things in mind and show some love to the environment.

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