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'Tis the season to be drinking, minus the unnecessary weight gain. 

Its that time of the year again where your calorie intake is the highest with fun evenings, heavy meals and drinks. You can enjoy this festive season by making smart healthy choices and keeping a track of your calorie intake. As heavy drinking and binging are one of the direct causes of weight gain, We have jotted down a list of “the least calorie drinks” for you. If you want to look good, feel good and stay energised, choose your drinks wisely.

Since Alcohol is largely a fermented drink, its nutritional benefits are relatively minimal. Adding to all this, binging on party snacks makes it worse. The first and foremost thing to avoid is pre-mixed drinks. These are high in sugar and artificial flavourings, colourings and preservatives. Margaritas for example, often contain pre-mixes, unless made from scratch. The other factor is portion control, moderation is the key. The final aspect is monitoring your calorie intake, developing a better sense of the caloric value of what you drink.

Here’s your party guide to the least calorie alcoholic drinks to keep those love handles in check-


Vodka contains 97 calories per shot and has zero carbs and sugar. You can have vodka with soda or squeeze in some fresh fruit. This will taste great and will have fewer calories than other drinks.


A single shot of whisky contains 105 calories along with 0.03 grams of sugar and 0.03 grams of carbs per ounce. Have it with water or on the rocks and enjoy your drink without worrying about the calorie count.


Gin has about 110 calories per shot and contains zero sugar and carbs. You can have a gin martini with a couple of olives in it and the drink will have less than 200 calories. It is not advisable to drink gin and tonic as it is loaded with sugar.


Wine is little on the higher side with about 110 to 130 calories per five ounces. Wine is also considered healthy as it is rich in antioxidants and has several nutrients. It contains magnesium, potassium and iron, the more aged the wine is, the better. Wine has many varieties. Opt for organic wines for lower calories and fewer chemicals. White wines are around 100-120 calories too. So, pour yourself a nice glass of wine and enjoy.


Champagne is a sparkling white wine and can have fewer calories than a glass of white wine or beer. It contain antioxidants, these are limited and of little nutritive value. A Champagne cocktail, by combining a drier Champagne with orange or grapefruit juice will provide a little vitamin C and will also allow you to drink less alcohol for the same size drink.

Light beer

Not all beers will give you a belly. Light beers tend to be around 50 calories less than regular brews. The darker the beer is, the more calories it contains.

Hot toddy

For a heartier winter cocktail, hot toddies, which are made with scotch or bourbon, hot water, honey, lemon, and a pinch of cinnamon are advisable. Cut back on calories by adding more hot water and less whiskey or add just a touch of honey and load up on the lemon juice and cinnamon.

Bloody Mary

Containing vodka and tomato juice combined with Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco and salt, this is a low calorie drink that even has some nutritive value. A good quality tomato juice will provide some antioxidants, mainly lycopene as well as vitamin C and potassium. Adding in more vegetables will provide even more nutrients and fibre.

Be careful to ensure you are opting for a fresh tomato juice rather than a pre-made mix.

This December, Balance your alcohol intake by drinking the right kind in controlled quantities.

Although, It is also important to remember that alcohol is a toxin. It affects your liver, heart muscle and your senses. The primary concern of your liver is to remove toxins and detoxify your body. Alcohol can disrupt these patterns and make the liver work overtime and thus damaging it. So, It is advisable to drink in moderation.

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