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When should you take a rest day?

A rest day is a day in which a person takes a break from their regular workout routine. Rest days are an important part of any exercise program. They give the body a chance to repair and recover, and help to prevent injury. Rest days are an important part of any exercise routine. A person should plan to take regular rest days and should learn to recognize when extra rest days are necessary. Exercise puts a strain on the body and mind. Exercising daily without taking a rest day can cause both physical and mental exhaustion. This depletion can trigger the body to use proteins for energy, meaning there is less protein available to assist muscle repair and growth.

Without a rest day, muscles, joints, and other important structures do not have adequate time to repair themselves. People may also become mentally exhausted and more prone to making mistakes while training. Continually pushing on without a rest day will eventually lead to injury. If a person is not injured or physically or mentally exhausted, they may consider taking an active recovery day, which is a day of gentle exercise.

What signs to look out to tell you need a rest day-

  • persistent muscle pain or soreness

  • inability to complete a workout routine

  • continued feelings of sluggishness following a workout

  • binge eating, or craving comfort foods

  • increased incidence of injury or illness

  • changes in mood or behavior, such as

  • mood shifts

  • irritability

  • reduced beneficial effects of the workout, such as a decreasing rate of fat loss or muscle gain.

Rest days are an important part of exercise for all levels of fitness. A person should take a rest day every 7–10 days or as needed to help the body and mind recover.

A rest day can be an active day that incorporates gentle exercises such as walking or yoga. Alternatively, a person may opt for a full day of relaxation.

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