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Yoga Pose of the Month: Goddess Pose

Are you familiar with the Goddess Pose? Not a widely known or used pose in vinyasa flow or power yoga classes, however a commonly seen pose for practitioners of Kundalini Yoga. Goddess Pose is a great blend of strength, stretch, and mental toughness. 

Goddess Pose is a deep hip-opener practice. Hence, practices like Malasana or Baddha Konasana must be introduced before. As the feet are turned outwards and the knee is aligned just above the ankles, deeply target the knee, ankles, and hip joints. Therefore joint mobility practices like hip rotation, knee rotation, and ankle rotation are some of the good warm-up practices to prepare the joints for movements. Moreover, holding the pose while keeping the thighs parallel to the floor demands quads and legs strength, hence standing practices like Utkatasana or Warrior Pose Flow helps build the required balance and strength in the body. However, included in peak yoga sequences, Goddess Pose, helps prepare the lower body for meditative poses. For those who due to less flexibility or otherwise find it difficult to balance their body in the foundational pose, the support of a wall or chair should always be welcomed.

Goddess Pose is a great practice for women in general. It helps alleviate the menstrual symptoms or hormonal issues and creates room in the pelvis, making pregnancy, labor, and delivery more comfortable. Thus this deep hip and pelvis opener is especially popular in prenatal yoga. The Goddess Pose can also be part of yoga sequences for the hips, chest, and groins. The pushing action of sit bones with the lifting action of the spine upwards while opening the arms out in the cactus helps release any kind of tightness (both physical and emotional) from the lower, hips and pelvis; and remove negative energy with opening of the heart center. Because Goddess Pose can be included in yoga sequences for almost all to achieve emotional balance, resulting in a higher level of positive energy and overall health and happiness.

Included in daily yoga sequences, Goddess Pose demands awareness and focus to stay balanced in the pose, hence, can be included in yoga for kids/teens, creating a powerful mind-body connection. A great addition to power or vinyasa yoga sequences, this pose has been a wonderful addition for sportspeople who want strong, sculpted legs like a horse. Hence also known as Horse Pose.

How to do the Goddess Pose-

Start standing, separate your feet approximately distance of length of one of your legs. You can turn your feet out to a comfortable degree, usually 45 degrees is comfortable. Raise your arms out straight from your shoulders and bend them at your elbows to form a 90 degree angle. Have your palms facing forward and fingers energized and extended. Start to slowly bend your knees until they also reach a 90 degree angle and hold the pose. Be very careful as you bend your knees that they do not knock inward. Be sure that your knees always track directly over your toes, even if that means modifying the angle your feet. This is so important to build the correct strength in the legs and to protect the very vulnerable knee joint.

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